A woodland walk around Hebden Bridge.

This walk follows a low-level route and is only 3 miles long, making it an ideal walk for winter when daylight hours are limited. The walk should take anyone who is reasonably fit about 2 hours to complete. Even though the walk avoids "the tops", boots and waterproofs are recommended as the route uses country paths which may be muddy and wet in winter.

The Route
From the Tourist Information Centre turn left passing HB Cinema and turn into the memorial gardens. Go through the gardens, cross the footbridge over the canal and turn left.
Follow the main path along the edge of the playing fields to the road where you turn right. By the car park entrance, bear left and pass in front of the station and down a tarmaced track with stone bollards at the bottom where it meets a rough road.
Turn right under the railway bridge. At the junction go straight ahead on the upper left hand track, then turn immediately right behind the new town houses and join a grassy track slanting up the hillside beside the wood.
At the junction turn left into the wood and climb uphill. Wood Top Farm is soon reached. Keep the buildings on your left and follow the track right.
After 50 yards turn left along a track leading along the hillside past a number of buildings. Where the track becomes tarmaced look for a small gate to your left. Go through it and down the field, keeping the wall to your left.
Go through another gate and then diagonally across the field. Cross another stile into the lane and go over into what appears to be an enclosed yard. At the right hand side of a low outbuilding go through a gap and follow a paved path to the railway footbridge. Walk over the bridge and along a hedged path leading to Caldene Avenue.
Walk down the road bearing to the right and just beyond the building on the left turn left down the tarmac track leading to Hawksclough Bridge.
Cross the bridge and the main road, turn right and then first left over the canal bridge. Follow the lane as it hears left round to Broad Bottom Farm, on the hillside in front of you. Go in front of the barn and house, along the cobbled way. Cross the stile in the fence ahead.
Continue ahead to cross a second stile and then diagonally right, across a field to some steps into the wood. Turn left along the bottom of the wood but on the top side of the wall. When you reach the stone gateposts, go through the gap, keeping to the left of the wall.
Just after a stile, join a sunken way coming up from the valley. Follow this to Little Burlees Farm, pass the farm building on your left and turn right up the farm track to meet Burlees Lane, where you turn left to the road.
Cross the road onto a rough track turning left just past the far end of the housing estate, down a path between two walls, which descend steeply to the road. Turn left and just before the first terrace of houses turn right, behind a white house and descend past garages to Nut Clough.
Cross the bridge and take the path down through the woods keeping the stream to the left. When you reach Keighley Road turn left, walking down to the town centre.

More great walks can be found in "Walking Country: Calderdale" by P. Hannon.

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For further information please contact the Tourist Information Centre, The Marina, Hebden Bridge